Jewelry and Ornaments Handcrafted by Willy Reddick in Belfast, Maine


Necklaces are handcrafted of sterling silver, glass beads and recycled tin. Tin pendants have a unique design on each side and are reversible.


Each piece of Willy Wires jewelry is designed and handmade by myself. I create a colorful and fun, contemporary look by forming my own unique… (Take a Look »)

Whoops! Earrings

Whoops! are classic and fun hoop earrings ranging from 3/4″ to 1 1/2″. Each pair is handmade by me of sterling silver, anodized niobium and copper wire, hammered and embellished with glass beads. Please note, catalogue shows only some examples of colorways…. (Take a Look »)

Dog Ornaments

Drawing in the air with brass wire and pliers, each unique ornament is fashioned without the use of a jig. They are then hammered to… (Take a Look »)